How Nonprofits Can Get the Best Out of Their Volunteers?

Leveraging technology in Learning & Development can solve training challenges.

Nonprofits face crucial challenges concerning the retention of volunteers, training costs, and a diversified base of volunteers. They need volunteers to remain productive as well as motivated. Low retention leads to frequent requirements of recruiting new people and onboarding new volunteers. Therefore, itends heavy on rest of the people working in the non-profit. This Whitepaper offers guidance on how to fine-tune workspaces in non-profits in order to accelerate learning and encourage volunteers to be resourceful.

Learn how you can leverage an LMS towards fulfilling your L&D goals through intuitive volunteer onboarding & training.

What will you discover in the Whitepaper?

  • Taking volunteering a step further

  • Top training challenges faced by nonprofits

  • Scenario-based solutions to these challenges

  • On-boarding, training, and recruiting volunteers

  • Top-notch outcomes from implementing e-learning

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