Course Management

A 360-degree course management solution to improve learning. Gain productivity through imparting valuable content. Enhance learning experience with the agnostic structure of the platform.

Simplify your learning methods

Customize your courses and programs

Create courses to fulfill learning objectives in no time, by using our intuitive and self-explanatory course creator. Build engagement around users with customizable courses and user-friendly dashboard.


Content that meets your goals 

Evaluate the learning of your users by creating intuitive and easy-to-build quizzes. Select different types of courses available and assign the content directly to users or to specific groups.


Certify your learners

At Zaamna, we believe in valuable learning that comes with credibility. Get auto-generated certificates on the completion of courses and programs for users. Certify compliances with the course completion.

Learning in a simpler way

Course Creator

Select different types of courses which are relevant to users and specific groups. Course creator is focused towards microlearning approach for creating courses from scratch in no time.


Flexible and engaging to use 

Drag n’ drop courses in the dashboard. Give your learners an impactful experience where they learn from anywhere, at any time! The platform is designed to be adaptive and device-friendly.

Redefine learning with effortless functional capabilities

Unlimited Learning Plans to help users stay up-to-date

Tracking individual progress of users to improve efficiency

Intuitive dashboard to create, organize, and manage learning programs

Automated certification system and reminders

Gain insights into course engagement

Build a powerful course structure for users

Create a comprehensive course plan that meets your learning challenges. Our human-centric approach to the learning management system is built to resonate with users’ learning expectations.

Courses that are easy to learn and implement

The content creation of learning programs and training at Zaamna complies with the most widely used SCORM standards in the industry. At ease of use, import all the content and build your customized courses.

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