Blended Learning

Upgrade learning with interactive learning sessions. A comprehensive platform to engage users with advanced learning practices. Deliver high quality learning to achieve your compliances.

Combine learning with live sessions

Increase engagement through live training

Get live training sessions from Zaamna LMS that enhances interaction and effective user collaboration. Schedule the event recurrence, manage multiple training sessions and coordinate with users in real time


Skill-based learning that impacts

Assign live learning programs to specific users for skill enhancement that helps them execute better at work. Upskill the expertise of users through interactive sessions with subject matter experts to achieve your L&D goals


Brand & White Labelling

Enable a highly personalised user experience that resembles with your organization. Add your colours, fonts, logo and more all at one place. Create and customize your dashboards and make the platform more comprehensive for users.


Make learning adaptable

Interactive live training sessions

Live Training with white-boarding option increases interaction between the users and the instructors. You can create breakout rooms, upload presentations in .pptx and .pdf format.


Multi-lingual Support

Provide learning programs and educational courses in English with the ability to translate the components of the platform in Spanish for better understanding of users.

Everything that completes your learning

Intuitive dashboard with in-depth insights

Personalised brand experience

Live Training Capabilities with white boarding

Data Management & Interactive learning


Better engagement within users and groups

Create polls within the live sessions to analyse the users’ attentiveness during the learning programs. Create and share documents, enable higher interaction and engagement through live chats that supports emojis.


Drive your learning to performance

With better speed and efficiency in streaming that has the capability to manage millions of users, Zaamna LMS has created an innovative solution in learning with the implementation of next gen technologies.

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