Enable possibilities that overcome challenges by creating pathways for learners.

Powerful features that encourage the pursuit of learning for partners, staff, teams, and volunteers alike.

Course Management

Streamline your training programs to achieve L&D goals through simple course planning and management.

Course Creator 

Use Zaamna LMS’s micro-learning approach and suite of course authoring tools to create relevant content that learners can quickly consume and retain.


Create certification courses with credibility and reward them with a certificate of completion through our customizable certificate builder. You can use it for recertifications too!

Learner Experience 

With our clean, simple, and intuitive dashboard, you can provide a consistent, user-friendly learning experience across all devices.

Scorm Compliance

Easily upload your content created in third-party applications, such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Rise, directly into Zaamna LMS for playback as a course.

User Management

Incorporate scalable learning, deliverable to high volumes of users, with our automated, integrated solutions.


Simple report management enables you to choose from a list of predefined reports, refine the data you need, and export it for storage or use elsewhere.

Audit Trail

Powerful learner progress and activity tracking mean you can swiftly identify and address user and course performance trends and export those results.

User Groups

Simply and promptly identify, segment, assemble, assign learners into groups by criteria you decide, and effortlessly place them into customized learning plans or paths.


Save time through simple automation! Things like notifications, adding/removing users, automatic or self-enrollment, and many others can be defined and implemented by user attributes.

Blended Learning

Create an enduring experience for your learners through Zaamna’s live, instructor-led, and/or on-demand, or “blended learning” capabilities that also incorporate multilingual functionality.

Live Training

Initiate and manage scheduled and recurring collaborative eLearning sessions in real-time, including whiteboarding and screen sharing.

Multilingual Support

Zaamna incorporates multilingual support by allowing administrators and learners to choose user interfaces and experiences in English or Spanish.

Branding & White Labeling

Zaamna is customizable via branding and white labeling, including custom URLs and logos to create a more personalized, recognizable user experience.

Integration Support

Zaamna offers a variety of embedded integrations for your learning programs.

SSO Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Login)

Login in and get access directly with Microsoft credentials to manage the courses and content.


Google Sign In

Hands-on accessibility using your Google account, Zaamna provides login to your gmail account as per your request.


Custom Enterprise Level SSO Integration

Based on custom requirements to unify organizational platforms, Zaamna provides custom SSO integration.

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