Top trends for the NextGen Learning Management System

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Top L&D leaders say that creating a growth mindset of continuous learning among the employees would be their target; 56% of them name it as their #1 priority in 2020. As well, they aim to cope-up with disruptive technology and make use of it so that they can meet on-the-job training needs.   

Engage NewGen into NextGen LMS trends  

As fast as the generation upgrades, it becomes more prone to accept the new trends. Otherwise, they find learning a tedious task and see it cynical instead of enjoyable. The upgraded version of generation should be the cause for bringing changes into a learning technology, and the competition should also be taken into account.  

E-learning needs to be practical and accessible to the learners in the moment of need with remote features. Learners should be kept engaged, and it happens only when they find the LMS more homely than a proper place to seek learning.     

Here we have listed out the top trends for the NextGen LMS:  

  1. Automated Learning  

For Workforce training:  

Task and workflow automation performs the user’s objective and teaches them a How-to, which is the most trending NextGen learning platform. LMSs that are able to evolve with this technology are the wizards for the L&D leaders and learners.    

For training education aspirants:  

Automated tutorials are the best AI-based tools to help students not lose their span of attention early. LMSs able to attract users’ interest are magicians and have an impact on grades. Availability in different media formats also makes it simpler and super-accessible for students. Virtual reality is the new normal for a year, and onwards it will sustain the future of every industry. So, the e-learning cannot remain saved from COVID’s impact as not a single human has managed to be unaffected by the pandemic’s effects.   

  1. Analytics  

User-management is the key to bring engagement through LMS. Features like creative dashboards displaying learners’ performances and assessment reports at ease are considered the most useful ones. Analytical reports are significant in measuring learning hours and hence retention.   

  1. Gamification  

80% of learners claim that learning would be more productive if it were more gamified. 67% find the gamified course motivating than the traditional method. These insights belong to research conducted on e-learning but can also be drawn in routine life. We come across classic examples of how gamified functions interest us even without knowing that they have gamification technology. For example – While visiting any job portal (Let’s say, it shows the profile completeness score to notify the candidates and inspire them to add or delete relevant data. The personalized screenplay keeps the candidates engaged and builds reliability on the platform, and they feel more concerned.  

  1. UI Interface  

UI/UX is the ultimate attraction of any platform, so it cannot be excluded from the NextGen trends in the LMS. The interface of an LMS navigates learners. Therefore, it must be designed considering the technology which is going to rule in the future. LMSs must have the best to offer to grab gen-z learners’ attention. Not necessarily, to gain the attention and enable a seamless experience, so the learners find a home where they learn without finding it boring.  

5. Mobile-based Learning   

No learning platform can be categorized under the NextGen platform without having accessibility to mobile devices. In digitization, people are more likely to adopt learning trends through the more accessible path, which is mobile these days. It serves the need at the moment when the user needs training – for example – Sales reps. Utilize automated software-based training on the Salesforce platform through an App as they work remotely and have everyday tasks containing leads.  

Mobile-optimized LMSs are worth investing in as they impact the vendors’ ROI and the institution that purchases them and installs them. E-learning would be justified if the LMSs become mobile-friendly, and by it, these can serve the purpose better and attract large groups.     

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