Top 10 Tips To Create Better E-Learning Content

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One of the biggest hits in the competitive era is the concept of E-learning which is prevailing as the most optimal source globally. Researchers found out the remarkable statistical change in terms of employee retention percentage and student retention rates for E-learning courses as 25-60% and 35-60% respectively. This definitely reveals that e-learning courses must have improved the grades for the students as it serves them in the “moment of need” via offering flexible availability, unlike traditional classroom sessions.     

*How much time can E-learning save? 

Almost, 40-60% less employee time gets consumed than learning the same stuff through a classroom session.  

*Which type of E-learning type is the most preferred one? 

Asynchronous E-learning as it is self-paced and offers flexibility according to your schedules. 

Let’s talk about the ways to do the betterment of E-learning content 

Depending upon the services, companies use e-learning methods. The educational institutes majorly account for using training modules, storyboard techniques, audio-visual learning, tutorials as well as conferencing tools such as Zoom etc.   

  1. The more visual the more engaging  

Studies proved that a human brain catches visual representation at a faster rate which obviously results in greater retention. 90% of all human communication is visual according to research.  So, you know how much more likely you should be in terms of adding graphics, pie charts, and iconic representation while creating content. This serves the purpose well and builds the ability to learn faster as compared to reading and gaining knowledge. 

  1. Evaluation of technology you use 

Organizations are using LMS to facilitate improved learning through AI-intelligence. These companies create Walkthroughs on complex software they majorly use so the users get hands-on experience and save their time of learning tasks and perform. However, they need to evaluate the technology since the possibility of interruptions can make it worse for employees to use the training walkthrough. And even the hefty investments on such digital tools would not be worthy anymore.  

  1. User-friendly and engaging tone 

This may appear so obvious but it is the key to keep the audience engaged into the learning mode you use. Using a storytelling mode proves as the best way to create an environment to seek learning in an interesting way. Storyboarding has been more common among tutorials created for students though millennials in corporate companies do enjoy if they are facilitated with creative and visual learning. 

  1. E-learning should offer Mobile, Web, Desktop access 

Mobile-friendly learning increases the retention rates. Surprised! The handier a method is, the more it influences users to seek learning from the sources. People are more prone to utilize easily accessible options instead of learning at once through calls or conferences. It is recommended to companies who create learning software that they must build a technology that offers web, desktop and mobile App installation.  

  1. Choice of words  

Using chunks and grouping of two or three similar kind of terms create emphasis on reader’s mind. Choose words wisely, so a simpler language that consists of trios of impactful and relatable words can do magic. In order to make one feel more connected to the context, this technique works the best. 

  1. Interactive content to wake up the audience  

Maintaining attentiveness has to be achieved by serving learning material no matter what mode it is? Using quiz sessions in presentations, Google Forms questionnaire are the best examples of interactive learning. Anything that can wake up users while they read the material and ask them to respond, results into higher engagement. Adding to this, the responses through quiz can help in their self-evaluation which again saves your time to measure and give ratings. 

  1. Consistency with learning style 

In one module, never try to mix it with two or more styles, it can be a blunder. For example: creating a presentation and adding unnecessary audio to subtitle notes. Though subtitle notes can create measurable impact and are helpful to take a deep dive into details. However, adding audio to them diverts the attention from the presentation and messes up with audience’s brain. 

  1. Choosing the voice-overs wisely 

A hack to make your videos a hit among students, jobseekers, employees etc. A winning advice is to choose the language zone appropriately which learners of a particular region would understand and feel like listening to that. Internationally, we all do execute all the programs in English but then it has variants. Moreover, if someone is recording their own voices each time, it makes the video learning personalized and understandable for particular set of learners around you. 

  1. Do not forget to attach post-learning survey 

At the end of the module, link/attach a survey to it in order to improve in future. Massive footprints can lead you better so as to make the learning better in future. Data stored in the sheets can be the next measure to create upgraded modules followed by learners’ interests. Learning preferred by hobbyists, students can help you with right feedbacks since they do have more time to learn and explore new things rather than the employees.  

There are popular companies like SurveyMonkey; they have influenced huge portion of the educators and companies in availing variety of surveys with their learning modules.  

While choosing survey, the security of the database the survey collects and stores must be considered of high importance. 

  1. Rely only on Subject matter experts     

Any kind of ignorance in terms of sourcing out the content creator can result into a huge loss of trust. Enabling learners to consume right information is a duty comes with huge responsibility to educate them well. Approach subject matter experts to maintain validation in the flow of information without any trust issues. Freelancing is also a common way today to hire an expert for a particular project.  

In this article, we’ve tried to cover almost a lot which is significant in E-learning. However, selecting the E-learning mode should also be considered as a key decision as over bombarding of so many modes together can be confusing for learners. Doing a self-evaluation on the LMS must be a cautious decision.   

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