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Course Creator is a feature that enables administrators to quickly and easily create courses directly within the Zaamna platform. We introduced our Course Creator feature last year, but we have steadily been pushing enhancements to feature functionality. For example, we’ve added new tools to our test creator such as a quiz timer and quiz answer randomization.

Course Creator allows platform administrators to create custom courses based on the specific training needs of the learners. They can also create a variety of sections and units within a course to build the most flexible and effective curriculum possible. Zaamna believes in a customer-driven outcome, so we gathered valuable feedback from our existing customers and spent time outlining and developing these features to make them even better.

The input and help we received from our customers produced these notable enhancements that are sure to please every administrator! The development of Course Creator dates back to when we detected a growing need for authoring tools built directly into the LMS. The introduction of Course Creator provided a way for administrators who rely on pre-existing content (video, documents, PPT) to easily build courses that simplified the trainings for learners. Zaamna allows you to drag-n-drop video, copy and paste text, embed video, create quizzes and tests, etc. making course building a more simplified process that also makes learning simpler for users. Now, learning & development persons or departments can leverage the power of Course Creator to create content at will while making the learning experience much more efficient and simpler.

Why course creator?

Course Creator is designed to make life easier for administrators by enabling deeper customization of the learning experience through custom feature settings and functionality, such as automated enrolment in and assignment of courses to individuals or user groups. Administrators can also build auto scoring and progress tracking quizzes/tests simplifying the knowledge checking process for administrators as well as learners. You can even customize course visibility and availability in the learner’s course catalogue! L&D administrators, managers, and instructional designers will benefit from course visibility feature because they can set up timelines for when a learner can access and take a course and a timeframe to complete it by too. This critical functionality gives administrators the ability to provide the tracking and reporting needed for compliance-based training


The Course Creator aids performance by providing a flexible and intuitive way to create courses from scratch. This tool helps administrators quickly add multiple courses in a variety of content formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, videos, images, and more, while helping evaluate the learners’ performance by applying quizzes to test for knowledge retention and comprehension. Learners can be provided a paced, sequenced, straightforward learning path making for a much simpler and engaging learning experience.

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