How Zaamna Helped MISNS Setup Custom Solutions for LMS Integrations

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The Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. (MISNS, pronounced “missions”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in research, education, and advocacy for servicewomen and families suffering from military moral injury (MMI). Their research focus is on the experiences of women veterans and therapies, healing modalities, and gaps in resources and support for servicewomen.

Zaamna partnered with MISNS in June of 2021 to provide new eCommerce functionality for their on-demand course enrollment. The custom integration developed by Zaamna helps users purchase certification courses seamlessly, provides the eLearning platform to deliver the courses, and provides an assessment and certificate of completion when they pass with the required score. The overall ease and simplicity of the user’s purchase journey and learning experience developed by Zaamna helped MISNS maximize their course enrollments through Zaamna’s integration capabilities allowed learners to dive right into their course instantly.


MISNS faced significant integration hurdles with their partner eCommerce solution concerning onboarding new users attending their 2021 virtual conference. They needed to render a seamless experience for their learners from the moment they purchased their conference access and accompanying resources through course completion and certificate-granting.


The Zaamna Sales and Support teams took the time to study MISNS’s needs and ask the right questions to understand their pain points. Then, we provided an optimal solution to meet their needs which included custom API integration between Zaamna, WooCommerce payment gateway, and MISNS’s WordPress Website. This enabled a unified checkout experience through WordPress that allows MISNS’s customers to choose a course, enroll in it, and pay for it (checkout).

This, in turn, allowed MISNS’s administrators to market and sell courses through their WordPress page to achieve the seamless enrollment experience they desired. Administrators now get a customized WordPress WooCommerce integration to offer their courses on-demand using Zaamna as their LMS platform to deliver and track content and learning journeys.



Learning & Development professionals can leverage Zaamna’s custom solutions by creating eCommerce integrations with Zaamna LMS, which maximizes course sales and delivery, increases revenue, and creates a seamless purchase and learning experience for their users. How cool is that?

Zaamna LMS specializes in working with non-profit organizations to help them create, implement, or revamp their training processes and systems. Our expertise and knowledge in working with non-profits mean we understand the challenges and diversity of requirements faced by today’s non-profits. Let Zaamna LMS help to modernize your non-profit’s education and training experience successfully. Zaamna loves helping our non-profit partners!

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